About FoneFotoFreek

In 2010 I began publishing a fire hydrant photo on Twitter every day. Now I publish that daily fire hydrant on Instagram and Tumblr, too. Most of the photos are taken and edited on my iPhone, which is currently an iPhone 6. Mashup nearly three years of publishing an image every day with an egregious lack of discrimination when buying camera apps and you get a lot of experience, a lot of fun, some thrills, and a large eclectic body of experience with phone camera apps.

On FoneFotoFreek, I want to share that experience in an easy-on-the-geek-speak, small bites format. I hope you’ll use FoneFotoFreek as a springboard for fun and creativity with your own phone camera. Android users, too! Because FoneFotoFreek is more about courage, the care and feeding of an artist’s heart, and the joy, thrill and exhilaration of creative expression than it is about apps.

Where to find those daily fire hydrants:

On Twitter @Fire_Hydrants.

On Instagram @kmarysmith.

On Tumblr at http://www.dailyfirehydrant.com.