A Change of Pace – Etchings App

A major goal of FoneFotoFreek is to encourage phone photographers to push their personal creativity boundaries, a goal I aspire to myself. My first impulse is to keep my images “pure” — unsullied by heavy editing, filters, and gimmicks. I have an idea that by limiting the editing, I’m being true to the subject matter but I have no idea why this seems so important to me, except possibly a narrow sense of documentation. Sometimes, however, I succumb to the impulse to have some fun.

On my Instagram account – @kmarysmith – I’ve published a unique image of a fire hydrant every day since May, 2011. After more than a thousand fire hydrant images, trying out the Etchings app was like a bottle of water after a long workout.

Etchings can be used as a camera or to apply filters to an existing photo. Not just an easy to use app with an intuitive user interface and a generous menu of image tweaks, Etchings is also a great low-light camera app.

Etchings is an iOS app by MindSea Development Inc. Visit the EtchingsApp website for more examples and information about the app.