Space, Poetry, the Pleistocene, and Food: Blogs I Like

Life is not all about smart phones and photography. They may be the center of my universe but there’s more to me than what I see and how much I enjoy editing. As may be evident to anyone stumbling across FoneFotoFreek in these early days, it’s a work in progress. I’m helping it along by working WordPerfect’s Blogging 101 program. Today’s assignment is to share blogs I like and it is my pleasure to do so!

Lights in the Dark – I’m very interested in our space program but not so much of a space geek. Lights in the Dark is, as Goldilocks might say, “just right.” Factual, but highly¬†digestible.

Twilight Beasts – saber toothed tigers, mastodons, Paddington’s Dangerous Cousin! Look out grizzly bears – you’ll more than meet your match if you run into Arctodus simus! Read his description at Twilight Beasts. The hair will stand up on the back of your neck.

Poethead – yes, I am of the clan that enjoys poetry. I encourage you to visit Poethead and experience a magical, inexplicable “kitten lick of the heart” as I did this morning. (“Kitten lick of the heart” is not original to me but darned if I can find the source in my notes just now.)

Stovetop Story: It’s All About the Food – by a French cook in America. Saving the best for last. Maybe. After all, a girl’s got to eat. I’m a pescetarian unable to digest onions and garlic. I’m pretty sick of editing these two ingredients out of recipes but I still love to read recipes! Especially vegetarian and vegan recipes. The special surprise in Stovetop Story is the abundance of single serving recipes. Thank you Julie!